Optimize your Kubernetes

Kubecost gives you visibility into your Kubernetes resources to reduce spend and prevent resource-based outages

Kubecost dashboard

Cost monitoring

Real-time visibility into Kubernetes spend

Direct integrations with the Kubernetes API and cloud billing APIs (AWS & GCP) lets you understand how resources are being spent across your clusters in seconds.

Cost visibility
Infrastructure notifications

Cost allocation

See who spends what... and why

Dive into cost allocations for all key k8s concepts, e.g. by deployment, service, label, pod, and more. Easily see the amount and cost of resources being used by individual applications and teams.

Out of cluster costs

See the full cost of running a product

Assign out of cluster cloud assets (e.g. RDS instances and S3 buckets) to teams, products, services and other native k8s concepts in order to measure the full cost of operations.

Cost visibility
Infrastructure insights

Infrastructure insights

Get prioritized suggestions for improving

Receive dynamic recommendations for optimizing cloud spend and managing capacity to avoid performance degradation and application outages. Track key infrastructure tasks for improving resource efficiency and reliability.

Infrastructure reliability score

See how your current infra stacks up

Real-time infrastructure assessment that analyzes current configuration and resource utilization compared with others running k8s infrastructure to improve reliability.

Cost visibility
Infrastructure notifications


Identify cost and infrastructure concerns

Enable notifications to quickly catch cost overruns and infrastructure outage risks before they become a problem. Preserve engineering workflows by integrating with tools like Jira, PagerDuty, and Slack.

About us

Kubecost is created by a team of ex-Google cloud engineers / product managers that came together after seeing the challenges from managing microservice-based infrastructure at scale. Our team loves creating software and advising teams directly. Reach out if you want to talk shop!

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